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NEVER use Urban Green Energy Inc.
Written by Administrator
Monday, 09 January 2017 14:53
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The biggest lesson we've learned from this entire build is NEVER use Urban Green Energy Inc. (UGEI). We purchased a 4Kw wind turbine from them in 2010 and we have had nothing but trouble and major issues from the beginning. And now we they have not responded to our correspondence in over 6 months. Here is a rough count of our dealings with UGEI.

- We order our first 4kw turbine (Silver color) in 2010 which took nearly a year for delivery.

- On 12/31/11 (approximately 8 months after install) our first turbine (Silver color) totally cracked all 3 blades.

- When we finally received our second replacement turbine in August of 2012, it was the wrong color when we requested silver, we received white.

- July 2014 UGEI sent out a technician to replace all the bearings in the turbine. - We also had to replace the wind turbine Controller

- November 15, 2015 our second turbine (White color) cracked.

- May 2016, UGEI agreed to replace our second broken wind turbine with an equal 4kw equivalent in solar panels. We immediately sent in a site evaluation they requested and have NOT heard from them since.

- Throughout this entire process our turbine has never produced. On the strongest wind days (40-50 MPH winds), we would be lucky to produce 400 watts for a two day total, 1/10 of its guaranteed production power. Additionally, we continuously brought up this issue to UGEI with no solution.

Needless to say, we are extremely unsatisfied with UGEI. It has been well over ONE YEAR since our second 4kw UGE wind turbine cracked and became totally unusable. In the thirteen months since we have been without a turbine that never worked properly or a solar panel setup we were promised in exchange for your faulty equipment. In June. 2016, UGEI promised to replace our turbine with an equal solar array. We sent in the requested Solar Site Evaluation form. All we want is for UGEI to make this right, and quickly. We have waited long enough. I'll have more details to come.

Please email me with any questions. If this is UGEI, please make this right. That's all we want.

Here are a few pics of both broken turbines.

Urban Green Energy broken wind turbine 1
Urban Green Energy broken wind turbine 2
Urban Green Energy broken wind turbine 3
Urban Green Energy broken turbine 4
Urban Green Energy broken wind turbine 5


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