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Check out these links
Saturday, 19 June 2010 21:15
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Copperhead Designs | Graphics Designs | Logos, Websites, Collateral Materials (this is my day job)


Global Green Building | About our project manager. Green building is easier than you think. Plus you'll save in more ways than one.


NorthStar Battery Company | NorthStar is a local battery company with plants globally.


Bradley Contracting | This is my brother's company website. He will be helping with some work on the house. I designed his logo and site.


Skywire Electrical Systems | This is the company who truly put this house off the grid. The installers of the solar and wind systems.


3 Horse Ranch | Funny, humorous and creative t-shirts for everyone. A great gift for family and friends.


Living with Ed | This is a very entertaining show on the Planet Green channel with Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle. Ed gives us some great insight on living green and literally wrote the book on the "Guide to sustainable living".


St. Louis Blues | St. Louis Cardinals | I bleed blue in the winter and wear the birds on the bat in the summer. So this is for the Blues and Cards fans.


More to come...


These are just a few links we recommend checking out. We are not paid by any of these companies for endorsement. We simply like their products or service.

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